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Where To Get The Best Woodworm Treatment Bristol

Where To Get The Best Woodworm Treatment Bristol

Woodworm on wood

What is woodworm?

If you are searching for the best woodworm treatment Bristol, the chances are that you suspect an infestation. Woodworm much like wet and dry rot is a silent killer that can gradually erode the timber structures of a building. Woodworm infestation occurs when small wood beetle insects lay eggs on the surface of a piece of timber. These eggs then hatch into larvae that then burrow their way through the wood to live for around 3-5 years before emerging as fully grown adults to repeat the reproduction cycle. This process is normal as in nature, all sorts of insects use naturally occurring dead wood as food and habitat. Damp softwood tends to be the target of choice for these beetles when laying their eggs as it is much easier to burrow through. Generally speaking, the more moisture content in the wood, the more attractive it is. To this end, these beetles also tend to avoid varnished or lacquered wood surfaces as they are hard, toxic and difficult to chew through.

What does woodworm look like?

Woodworm specialists

The most common sign of woodworm infestation is the presence of lots of small holes tunnelled throughout the timber. These 1-2 millimetre holes are a tell-tale sign that woodworm larvae have already been to work. Crumbling edges on things like skirting and joists are another sign to watch out for. The woodworm hatching season also runs from May to October so you might see an increase in more holes during this time as the matured beetles begin to burrow outwards towards the light.

What makes woodworm so fatal is that by the time you are aware of a potential problem, it could have spread throughout any timber based structures in a property. Whilst the presence of exit holes indicates that the new adult beetles have left the wood, it is fairly difficult to spot if smaller newborn beetles have colonised the wood due to their small size. This is why you should also look out for any signs of a fine powder on the surface of the wood as this is a giveaway that small creatures have been boring into the wood and have left a resulting powdery residue. If you live in the South West and suspect woodworm, it is imperative that you consult a company that has a five-star track record in providing expert woodworm treatment Bristol.

What effect can it have on a house?

Picture of damaged house

The effect this can have on any building can be very devastating as it can compromise the entire structure of a house. When you consider how some of the most vital structural components of a house are made of timber (roof beams, joists, stairs etc), it becomes easy to see how the safety of any occupants can be put at risk. What makes woodworm so serious is that an infestation depends on where adult wood beetles decide to land and lay eggs, meaning there is no localised concentration from which the infestation spreads (compared to wet rot for example).

What to do if you think you have woodworm?  

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If you discover woodworm in your property the next step is contacting a professional who has a proven track record in woodworm treatment. The first port of call will be to successfully eradicate the infestation and then reinforce or replace any affected wood. At Biocraft Southwest our specially trained operators will use uniquely formulated preservative sprays that will thoroughly rid woodworm from any affected area. It is important to note that these chemicals can very strong and should be administered by a trained professional only.  

Biocraft South West is the leading provider of woodworm treatment Bristol. All of our woodworm operators are specially trained in accordance with the PCA Code of Practice for Remedial Timber Treatment. It’s best not to second guess any suspected woodworm cases, early and effective intervention is the key. To arrange a survey please fill out our form or give us a call on 01793 272 085


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