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Woodworm Treatment Swindon

Effective woodworm treatment Swindon

The decay and damage to timber frames and structures throughout the UK is relatively common where the property has been exposed to moisture or damp for prolonged periods. In this article, our timber preservation experts explore the different sources of moisture that cause the decay of timber including various types of woodworm. If you’re searching online for woodworm treatment Swindon, then get in touch with our experienced team of surveyors today by calling 01793 272085.

woodworm survey SwindonOur preservation experts will provide a comprehensive survey of the interior and exterior areas of your property to identify where the moisture and water is entering from. This will allow us to determine the cause of damp or increased moisture in your home – which must be repaired and prevented before we can begin the process of treating the affected timber.

Sources of moisture in your home

Our specialist timber survey provides you with a comprehensive report and overview of the sources of moisture in your property and the corrective action needed to repair the problems uncovered. By identifying sources of moisture, our damp proofing experts can stop the damp at source before applying specialist timber preservation techniques to the affected areas of your home.

Our comprehensive inspections cover the following internal and external areas:

  • Solid stone or concrete floors, where the impervious membrane is either punctured, of poor quality or missing entirely.
  • Trapping of flood water.
  • Defective plumbing, sanitary ware and utilities.
  • Impervious vinyl floor coverings over unventilated wooden floors.
  • Blocked gutters and defective rainwater goods.
  • Defective surfacing to valley gutters and flat roofs.
  • Missing, broken, displaced or loose roofing tiles.
  • Faulty flashing, deterioration of mortar beds.
  • Faulty or missing damp proof course.
  • Bridging over the damp proof course by soil in flowerbeds, plinths, etc.
  • Cracked or broken water and/or waste pipes.
  • Defective weatherproof seals around doors and windows.
  • Blocked air bricks.
  • Continuous overflow from cisterns and/or water tanks.

All of our specialist property surveys are carried out by a qualified and experienced surveyor. Our surveyors have carried out hundreds of specialist timber surveys to the highest standards – and are CSRT (certificated surveyor in remedial treatments) & CSSW qualified.

woodworm treatment SwindonCompromised timber

If part of your home has been compromised as outlined above, the increased level of damp and moisture can cause timber infestation – requiring woodworm treatment Swindon.

The damp timber provides a perfect environment for the wood boring beetle – more commonly known as woodworm. Often restricted to the moisture of the forest, the woodworm can inhabit timber that has been felled and used in homes throughout the UK. If the presence of woodworm remains in your home, it can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the structural integrity of your property.

People searching for woodworm treatment Swindon have often found they have an infestation after a woodworm survey has been carried out for a pre-purchase report. If you would like to arrange a survey of your property, or require comprehensive woodworm treatment Swindon, get in touch with our experienced timber preservation experts today.

Woodworm treatment Swindon

Woodworm inhabits timber and wood in your home that has a certain moisture content – which is why tackling the source of damp is essential before beginning treatment. The adult beetles lay eggs in the moistened environment, and these ‘larvae’ hatch and spend years burrowing through the soft, moistened timber.

Your home could be infested for a long period before you realise you have a problem – as the larvae chew through the timber and leave exit holes when they are fully grown and ready to leave. With the emergence period between March – September, homeowners often spot the infestation months after it has begun.

If you feel that you are experiencing damp in your home and have exposed timber beams or frames, get in touch with our team today for expert woodworm treatment Swindon. We can be there today to provide a comprehensive survey and effective woodworm treatment solutions depending on the type of timber and infestation you are experiencing.

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