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5 Reasons You Need To Get A Damp Survey

The number of damp surveys requested by homeowners in the UK has been rising exponentially in recent years.  have been damp problems can be devastating to properties if not identified and remedied as soon as possible. Damp surveys are usually a service requested by homeowners when a damp problem has become so severe that it starts to physically manifest thus prompting action. Aside from confirming the presence or extent of a damp problem, damp surveys can be used in a variety of different ways from giving you the heads-up on any structural emergencies to providing potential buyers with the confidence that your home is in good conditions.

Make Your House Attractive To Buyers

Buying a house

Property prices in the South West have reached healthy levels in recent times which has caused an increase in property sales. Those wishing to take advantage or downsize should consider getting a comprehensive damp survey as this can make your property more attractive to potential buyers as it vouches for the structural integrity of the building. Conversely, mortgage companies are more likely to lend to individuals who are wishing to buy a property that has been recently surveyed and confirmed to be free of damp problems.

From a commercial viewpoint, many lenders will want to know that the property being bought is worth the money that they are lending. Older properties are known to attract this kind of diligence because lenders need to know that they are not loaning a sum of money for a property that has wet rot in the roof and is worth half of its sale price. To them, this is a huge financial risk. Consequently, many occasions mortgage lenders will insist on a satisfactory pre-purchase survey as a mandatory condition.

Avert Structural Damage  

Structural damp damage in ceiling

An undiagnosed damp problem can be caused by a number of factors including leaking pipes, rising damp, penetrating damp or excessive condensation. The problem damp ingress is that it is a silent killer and often is the case that individuals do not become aware of conditions like wet rot until a beam or joist gives way or the smell of decaying wood becomes too overpowering to ignore. By taking the initiative and employing professional damp surveyors to formally inspect your property you can identify any potential problems before they develop to the point where serious structural damage can occur. In the long run, the cost of a damp proofing survey could potentially save you thousands in timber replacement and architectural restoration work further down the line.

Safeguard Your Health 

Sick older woman

On many of our previous posts, we have highlighted the dangers of damp problems when it comes to human health and how certain household moulds can release toxic compounds into the environment. We have known of several incidents where residents have developed health problems such as exacerbated allergies, headaches, skin problems and lethargy as a result of mould growth. Children and the elderly are very vulnerable to the effects of mould and damp on account of their immune systems being less durable. A thorough damp survey is the best way for you to be sure that your family is protected from such problems.

At Biocraft we employ a team of seasoned building surveyors to inspect every single inch of your property on the exterior and interior. This systematic and methodical approach ensures that we’ll always locate the source of any damp no matter where it may be in your property    

Thinking About Getting A Damp Survey?

There are many benefits associated with getting a damp survey done on your property. At Biocraft South West we use experienced building surveyors and advanced technology to provide a thorough inspection of your property. Get real peace of mind today and enquire online or by phone 01793 272 085.  


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