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Specialist Surveys

Damp Surveys

Dampness is one of the most commonly reported causes of building defects in the UK. Many surveys carried out within homes across the nation have recorded the enormity of the ever increasing problems related to moisture ingress.

Misdiagnosis of theses reported problems is widespread, a problem in its own right affecting both public and private housing sectors alike. Failing to identify and correctly diagnose the true nature of the problem can cause further damage to the building, poor living conditions and in many instances legal actions taking by occupants in tenanted properties.

Biocraft South West’s highly experienced; CSRT and CSSW qualified surveyors are on hand to carry out a complete and comprehensive survey of your property, providing all the necessary information together with the associated costs for the successful repair and restoration works required to maintain a dry and healthy building.

It is imperative when investigating for specific sources of moisture, for example rising damp to eliminate all other potential sources of water ingress. Therefore it is essential that a full investigation is undertaken. In the event that the other sources of moisture are suspected to be attributing to the problem, these must first be eliminated and upon doing so further assessment would be recommended.

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The Survey

External Examinations

Moisture can enter buildings from a number of different avenues and therefore it’s an important part of any survey to assess the external surroundings and elevations of the property as this can provide valuable information and aid in the correct diagnosis of the problem.

Biocraft South West’s specialist damp proofing surveyors will carry out visual inspections of the exterior, paying close attention to areas such as;

  • Rainwater water goods
  • Chimneys and lead flashing
  • Brickwork, mortar beds and rendering
  • Location of the damp proof course
  • Elevated ground levels
  • Door and window frames
  • Roof coverings
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Internal Examinations

Once a thorough assessment of the exterior has been carried out, our specialist damp proofing surveyors will then turn their attention to the internally affected areas. Firstly a visual assessment of the affected area together with surrounding areas will be carried out; these inspections are to identify the presence of;

  • Fungal decay affecting internal joinery and/or any other internal timbers
  • Peeling wallpaper and/or blistering paintwork
  • Efflorescence
  • Mould colonisation
  • Damp patches, condensate and/or water marks

Following the surveyors visual assessment, and based upon the agreed parameters of the survey, further examinations of the internal conditions will be carried out. This inspection will include;

  • Examination of the perimeter and centre of both solid and timber suspended floors
  • Moisture content of the skirting boards, architraves and door frames
  • Moisture content of structural flooring and roofing timbers
  • Distribution of moisture meter readings across the wall, both horizontally and vertically
  • Subfloor ventilation
  • Presence and height of both physical and chemical damp proof coursing
  • Potential plumbing defects
  • Ambient conditions, such as surface and air temperatures, relative humidity and dew point temperature
  • Flow rate of existing extract fans
  • Suitability of heating and ventilation
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Surveying Equipment

Biocraft South West’s surveyors are fully trained, CSRT and CSSW qualified so you have complete piece of mind that our friendly team are only a phone call away and on hand with the knowledge and expertise you need.

Our specialist damp proofing surveyors have all the necessary equipment needed to carry out an onsite diagnosis of the damp problem affecting your home.

Here are some of the most commonly used pieces of equipment you’ll see.

Electrical Conductivity Meter

This method of testing is practically non-destructive, enabling the surveyor to obtain readings quickly and easily, with minimal disruption. Readings are usually recorded on relative scale, which enables the surveyor to establish the pattern of moisture.

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Infrared Surface Thermometer

This method of testing proves invaluable when assessing the ambient conditions of a property. The useful piece of equipment enables the surveyor to establish the temperature of a given surface and compare it to that of the dew point temperature and determine whether surface condensation is the primary source of dampness.

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Rotating Anemometer

A rotating anemometer is used to determine the flow rate of existing extract fans and ventilation systems within properties. This useful tool enables our specialist damp proofing surveyors to test the functionality of the unit and determine whether it positively attributes to the internal dampness.

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A hygrometer is a handheld device which enables the specialist damp proofing surveyor to obtain on the spot readings of the ambient conditions within a given space, such as relative humidity, air temperature and dew point temperature. It also proves an invaluable tool for assessing the moisture levels with solid concrete floors.

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Salt Analysis

Salt analysis is carried out by removing a small sample of plaster or wallpaper from the wall surface. This then enable our specialist damp proofing surveyors to test the sample for traces of chlorides and nitrates which are commonly found in ground water. This proves an effective aid in correctly diagnosing the source of moisture found present within the building.

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Biocraft South West is an established damp proofing company; our expertly trained, CRST and CSSW qualified surveyors possess a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the diagnosis and remedial actions necessary to maintain a dry and healthy building.

To arrange a survey of your property or for further information regarding remedial damp proofing, contact us today. We cover Andover, Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Oxford, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge and Warminster.

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