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Penetrating damp usually occurs due to ineffective building components, such as defective plumbing and/or rainwater goods, faulty seals around doors and windows, cracked and/or missing roof tiles and damaged rendering.

Penetrating damp can be identified by the presence of:

  • noticeable damp patches following heavy rain
  • damaged plaster
  • black mould
  • dampness around windows and door openings

Sources of Ingress

Rainwater Penetration

This commonly occurs to walls which are exposed to the prevailing wind. Such dampness is generally most visible during or after periods of heavy rain.

External Defects

Faulty rainwater goods, such as gutters or downpipes, as well as defects to roof coverings, masonry work, pointing and external renders are also a common source of moisture ingress. Therefore an external inspection should be included during any investigation of dampness affecting external walls.

Lateral Penetration

This is where the internal floor level is below external ground level, i.e. the wall is wholly or partially earth retaining. Consequently, moisture from the ground will penetrate laterally into the walls unless isolated by a vertical damp proof membrane. In areas where the water table is high, lateral penetrating dampness may be aggravated by hydrostatic pressure.

Penetrating Damp Swindon, Wiltshire
Penetrating Damp Swindon, Wiltshire
Penetrating Damp in Swindon Wiltshire

Usually, penetrating damp can be easily overcome by simply identifying the source of water ingress and tracing it back to its origin; once located the appropriate methods of rectification can be carried out to prevent further deterioration.

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