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Damp proofing in Bath

Damp proofing in Bath

Specialist damp proofing in Bath

Do you have any corners in your house where there is damp paint? Is there any cracking, bulging or bad smells coming from one of your walls? If you are worried about potentially having wet rot in your property then call us today on 01793 272085 for damp proofing in Bath. At Biocraft South West we provide a unique and comprehensive range of damp proofing services for residential and commercial properties.

We’re leading specialists in damp proofing and have years of experience with damp proofing. From installing damp proof course to managing rising damp and wet rot. A large portion of our work comes from rising damp and wet rot, where insufficient damp proofing has been conducted which is where we can help. We carry out all aspects of damp proofing, waterproofing and specialist services such as dry rot treatment.

Damp proof course

A damp-proof course is a protective, waterproof layer that protects your house from rising damp and wet rot. The damp proof course creates a protective waterproof shield between the bricks and foundations of your house, prevent all moister and rising damp from entering the property. If you are worried that part of your house is damp and the damp proof course may be damaged, call us today and speak with one of our damp proofing experts. Our experts are great at understanding potential symptoms of damp and can arrange a property survey to identify potential rising damp or penetrating damp.

Rising damp

Rising damp is caused by properties have poor or no damp proof membrane (damp proof course), which will cause water to rise from the earth through capillary action. Rising damp can lead to increased damp issues such as penetrating damp. This damp is extremely difficult to get rid of and is noticeable through damaged plaster or black mould.

Rising damp in properties with damaged or non-existent damp proof course are at high risk of penetrating damp that could cost a lot to rectify. There are ways in which rising damp can be tackled on existing properties if addressed at the right time. If you feel as if your property is at risk of rising damp, our damp specialists at Biocraft South West can perform a wide range of damp proof surveys to determine any existing and potential damp issues.

After surveying the property with various techniques including humidity meters, thermal imaging, and chemical meters for percentage moisture analysis – we carry out mould removal, drying and cleaning services. This is followed up by redecoration and anti-fungal additives to prevent rising damp in the future. We can redecorate and apply damp proof paint and anti-damp paint to areas more heavily affected by the issue as to prevent future damp from entering your property.

Penetrating damp

Often caused by external building issues, penetrating damp and rising damp can be caused by damaged gutters, poor installation of doors and windows, and damaged roofing. These physical damp proofing defects can be easily identified and fixed – which is why it’s essential to regularly monitor the condition of your home, both inside and out. There are occasions in which damp proofing has been damaged over time and the penetrating damp can be difficult to identify. These damp problems can begin to show following heavy rain as décor becomes damage and a dampness is seen around windows and doors.

The more commonly reported issues come from three main sources – rainwater penetration, external defects and lateral penetration. Lateral penetration occurs in properties where the internal floor level is situated below ground level, where the walls are below the base earth layer. This often leads to the moisture in the ground penetrating laterally into the walls and causing serious damp and mould if not properly protected by a vertical damp proof membrane.

Damp proofing with Biocraft South West

At Biocraft South West, our damp proofing specialists have experience that extends above and beyond industry standards. As members of the Property Care Association, Basement Waterproofing Association and Triton Approved, we’re able to survey, remove, and treat rising damp and penetrating damp for all residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for damp proofing in Bath or would like to know more about our damp proofing services, call us today on 01793 272085 to speak to one of our damp proofing experts. With a competitive damp proofing cost and ability to offer insured guarantees on all damp proofing work, we’re dedicated to delivering quality damp proofing solutions to protect your homes and the environment.

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