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Damp Specialist Bristol

Damp specialist BristolWhen searching for the best damp proofing specialist in Bristol, you need to ensure that the correct symptoms of damp are identified in the initial damp survey. This requires the specialist knowledge of a damp proofing company who have years of experience in the field. On occasion, when you find damp on walls in your home it can be down to poor waterproofing. That’s why it’s essential to find a team of trained damp specialists who can not only damp proof but also repair and redecorate damp walls. To find an experienced damp specialist Bristol, call 01793 272085 today.

Biocraft South West are a leading provider of damp proofing and water proofing treatments across the Southwest, including Bristol, Salisbury and Cheltenham. We have carried out hundreds of damp surveys and provided specialist damp wall treatment for a range of domestic and commercial properties. To book your damp survey, see the areas we cover and get in touch.

Damp proofing companies Bristol

In our experience, we have carried out work for customers, builders and other contractors who have had damp proofing work conducted to a very poor standard. First and foremost, you should always contact an expert to describe the damp on walls in your home. This will allow the damp specialist to make a judgement on work that will need to be carried out. At this stage, you will likely receive a quote for a damp survey, whereby a damp specialist will carry out a visual inspection of your property as well as some potential tests.

By ordering a damp survey of your property, all sources of damp and moisture will be found, and any areas of poor or little damp proofing can be identified. This is essential as the problem with your damp walls may not be as bad as you first thought. Alternatively, they could be much worse, and by calling damp proofing specialists, steps can be taken to rectify the problem before damage is done to the structure of your property.

Why do I need a damp specialist for damp proofing?

Damp treatment BristolSo, how important is damp proofing? A poorly damp proofed home can lead to serious damage to wall structures that can be very expensive to fix. What’s more, prolonged exposure to damp environments and mould can cause respiratory infections, allergies, or even asthma. This makes the initial damp survey is so important, and best conducted by an experienced damp specialist. All damp surveys carried out by Biocraft South West will locate all sources of moisture and identify areas that may be at risk of damp in the future.

Once a damp survey has been conducted, our team of damp proofing specialists can attribute the dampness to a specific source. This could range from high levels of condensation and black mould caused by high levels humidity to penetrating damp – whereby moisture from the groundwater absorbs through the unprotected wall structure.

Types of damp

The types of damp you can encounter in your home generally depend on the presence of moisture within the wall structures and other building materials/fixtures. The location and movement of any damp on walls in your home can often determine the types of damp that are present. The walls and other fixtures often react in a certain way depending on the damp present – this can include the deterioration of plaster, salt staining and bubbling, as well as the spoiling of other decorative fixtures and fittings.

When would I require a damp specialist Bristol?

If you live in Bristol or the surrounding South West region and believe you have damp in your home, there are various characteristics of damp that can help you identify what’s causing it. This is extremely beneficial when searching for a damp survey as you can provide the damp specialist with accurate information regarding the damp on walls.

Below, our damp specialists explore some of the common types of damp sources found in homes, how they can be identified, and how they can be treated. For more information on our damp specialist Bristol services, get in touch today.

Rising damp

Damp specialist BristolRising damp is a commonly used term when people are discussing damp. Our damp specialist Bristol can confirm that rising damp is, in fact, an uncommon source of damp when conducting damp surveys for homes and buildings. More often than damp is caused by a build-up of condensation and poor insulation around the home.

When classifying rising damp, we define it as ‘the upward flow of moisture through a permeable wall structure’. This classification refers ground water that rises up through the buildings structural materials and can cause serious structural damage. Rising damp is common in older buildings that have little to no damp proofing, which is why many modern home owners around the UK often misinterpret the type of damp on walls in their home.

Once rising damp has been identified in your home it is important to treat it as quickly as possible before the structural integrity of the property becomes compromised. You can often spot rising damp as it causes decorative spoiling – often visible as bubbling paint or the peeling of wallpaper and plaster deterioration. You may also notice that your home is not as warm as it usually is, as the insulating properties of the wall structure may be compromised.

Penetrating Damp

Unlike rising damp, penetrating damp is caused by defective or damaged aspects of your property or home. This includes (but is not limited to) defective plumbing and water pipes, damaged seals around doors and windows, as well as cracked or damaged roofing/guttering systems. Our damp specialist Bristol says that penetrating damp is far more noticeable after heavy rain or water damage as large damp patches, damaged plaster and mould on walls and around windows becomes prominent much faster than the effects of rising damp.

Sources of moisture are commonly attributed to rainwater penetration, external building defects and lateral penetration. Rainwater penetration is most common on walls that are exposed externally to strong winds – with damp on walls most visible after heavy rain.

Lateral penetration occurs on walls where the internal ground level is below the external ground level. This causes moisture from the ground to seep through the building structure and into internal walls. This often happens to buildings with little or no damp proofing and our damp specialist Bristol encounters this type of damp when conducting damp surveys in basements and low-lying properties.

For all damp specialist Bristol enquiries, you can book a damp proof survey with us today by calling us on 01793 272 085. All damp surveys, treatments and work should be carried out by qualified damp specialists who are experienced and certified in providing remedial treatments to both domestic and commercial properties.

Damp solutions Bristol

Once the initial damp survey has been conducted and all sources of moisture and damp have been identified, our team of damp specialists will provide you with a comprehensive report. This report will highlight any areas where there was damp on walls, ceilings and other fixtures, as well as where the sources of damp are coming from.

The report for your damp survey will also contain the type of damp treatment required to rectify the problem. The damp treatment could range from the installation of a chemical damp proof course, to simply improving the ventilation and heating of your property.

If your home is suffering from any damp on walls, call our damp specialists today on 01793 272085 to book a survey. Experienced in meeting and exceeding industry standards, Biocraft South West deliver exceptional results, every time. All damp treatment carried out by our damp specialists comes with a complete guarantee for up to 20 years, giving you peace of mind when choosing us.

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