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Damp Proofing Salisbury

Damp Proofing Salisbury

Dampness is one of the most frequently reported building defects in the UK. Diagnosis of the root cause is the key cornerstone to a lasting remedy. Biocraft South West is a well-established damp proofing Salisbury specialist with extensive knowledge in successful remedial treatments for the repair and preservation of your property.

Why Choose Us

Biocraft South West is your leading damp proofing Salisbury company. We are well versed in industry standards and specialist remedial and preservation treatments to repair and protect your home from dampness.

We offer free and professional advice to all homeowners, property agents and commercial businesses throughout Salisbury and surrounding Wiltshire.

Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority; we provide prompt and efficient services for damp proofing in Salisbury from diagnosis to treatment of: rising damp, penetrating damp, woodworm, dry rot, wet rot and condensation. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in property development and preservation and are delighted to offer a fully comprehensive service for all damp proofing Salisbury.

Our team are fully-qualified and well versed in industry standards, with extensive knowledge of remedial damp proofing and property preservation in Salisbury and delivering exceptional results every time.

Our damp proofing Salisbury experts are on hand to ensure that every project is carried out on time and in accordance with current industry standards. Our reputation for quality and service is second to none, and our outstanding results set us aside from all competitors.

We are recognised as a reputable specialist within our field by the industry’s most key and influential organisations, such as The Property Care AssociationCheckatradeTrustMark, and Which? Trusted Traders.


We offer a full range of damp proofing services throughout Salisbury and surrounding Wiltshire, from specialist damp and timber reports to damp proofing surveys and remedial treatment. See below for a full list of our damp proofing Salisbury services or call our team today and book a survey.

Pre-Purchase Damp & Timber Reports
Specialist Damp Proofing Surveys
Rising Damp Treatment
Penetrating Damp Treatment
Condensation Control
Woodworm & Timber Preservation
Dry Rot Control
Wet Rot Treatment
Flood Repair & Restoration
Basement Waterproofing
Basement Conversions


We carry out each and every one of our Salisbury damp proofing projects to the highest standard.  All specialist works are carried out in accordance with the BS 6576:2005 + A1: 2012 code of practice for diagnosis of rising damp in walls of buildings and installation of chemical damp-proof courses.

For all damp proofing in Salisbury, specialist treatment carried out by Biocraft South West is honoured by a 10 year company guarantee which is further supported by an insurance-backed scheme, giving you complete peace of mind when choosing to employ our services.


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For your no obligation, specialist damp proofing survey in Salisbury, call us today on 01722 626850

Is your home suffering from damp or moisture ingress? Our damp proofing in Salisbury is designed to effectively identify and treat all sources of moisture within your home. With our comprehensive damp proofing survey, we can help you identify any areas that are affected by damp, as well as treatments required to cure the problem. With hundreds of homes treated & effective damp surveys carried out every week, the team at Biocraft South West can help you make your home dry and healthy once again.

We have previously worked on homes and buildings where ‘damp proofing’ and damp treatments have been carried out. These property owners have effectively paid for insufficient and poor damp treatments that are often the cause of misdiagnosis and inexperienced companies. Having a qualified and experienced damp specialist is imperative when treating damp in your home. The above issues previous clients have experienced will often lead to future costs to the building’s structure that could have previously been avoided with the correct treatments.

Our team of qualified surveyors and experienced damp specialists have effectively surveyed and treated hundreds of homes throughout Salisbury and surrounding areas. Our damp proofing in Salisbury always starts with a survey so we can identify and sources of moisture or damage. From this, we can provide a comprehensive report that identifies the problem, as well as the effective course of treatment to make your home dry again.

Types of damp proofing in Salisbury

Damp walls and moisture ingress can occur in buildings and structures for a wide variety of reasons. Many homes in the UK often experience problems due to poor damp proofing, whilst others may have an issue with moisture ingress or plumbing. We will always start by conducting a survey, with the results determining the necessary steps & treatments required. We often provide damp proofing in Salisbury to combat sources of moisture including rising damp, wet rot and penetrating damp.

Below, you’ll find more about the different causes of damp in homes, and how they can be effectively managed and treated.

Rising Damp

Far more common in older buildings, rising damp takes advantage of buildings that have little to no damp proofing installed. Most commonly caused by ground water being absorbed into the building, rising damp rises through older wall structures that have used porous materials. These old, unprotected walls and structures are easily exposed to moisture ingress.

With rising damp being seen to climb up to 1.5m in walls, it can often lead to structural complications and the need to rebuild certain elements and walls in buildings. If left untreated for prolonged periods, rising damp can easily destroy a buildings structure – requiring expensive damp proofing in Salisbury.


Damp Proofing Swindon, Wiltshire

Dampness is one of the most frequently reported building defects in the UK. Diagnosis of the root cause is the key cornerstone to a lasting remedy. Biocraft South West is a well established damp proofing specialist with extensive knowledge in successful remedial treatments for the repair and preservation of your property.


Basement Waterproofing Swindon, Wiltshire

One thing that most people want in their home is more space and basements are becoming one of the most common ways of extending the size of a property. Specialist basement waterproofing is needed when a new underground space is created or an existing basement is refurbished.


Timber Preservation Swindon, Wiltshire

Fungal decay such as dry rot and wet rot together with infestation of wood boring insects can affect properties of all ages. If decay or infestation is identified then remedial action should be taken immediately. Biocraft South West specialise in the eradication of wood destroying fungi and wood boring insects.


Condensation Control Swindon, Wiltshire

Condensation is one of the most common causes of dampness within residential dwellings and can usually be observed as water droplets running down a cold surface, such as a window. Biocraft South West specialise in the necessary methods that are successful in the control and eradication of condensation.


 Flood Repair & Restoration Swindon, Wiltshire

Being flooded is a horrific experience, one which has long term consequences, often causing significant damage to your home and destroying your belongings. Biocraft South West offers a complete service from drying and repair to complete preventative measures, to ensue your property stays dry and protected.


Pre-Purchase Surveys Swindon, Wiltshire

As a condition of most mortgages, lenders today will often request that a PCA damp and timber specialist carry out an independent survey and provide a comprehensive report and quotation prior to completion. Biocraft South West’s highly experienced; CRST and CSSW qualified surveyors offer just that.