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Condensation Control

Condensation Control

Every winter thousands of homes across the UK suffer from condensation. Many of the properties are badly affected and experience widespread dampness, which often leads to persistent mould growth. Condensation is less common in properties built in the mid 1980’s, however condensation can occur even in the best designed and maintained buildings. In the refurbishment of older properties there are a number of remedial measures that can be taken to overcome this persistent problem.

Certain remedies lie in the hands of the householder, the effects of condensation can be greatly reduced by adopting a change in our daily lifestyle. Every day the average household produces between 10 and 20 litres of moisture: this is caused from daily occurrences such as breathing, bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes. Condensation can be greatly reduced by simply opening windows more often, utilising suitable ventilation systems and heating the property sufficiently.

How To Avoid Condensation

Reduce the potential for condensation by producing less water.

  • Always cook with pan lids on and turn the heat down once the water has boiled
  • Dry washing outdoors if possible, or with the aid of clothes airer dry washing in the bathroom with the door closed and the window open and/or extractor fan on. DO NOT dry clothes on radiators.
  • If tumble dryers are used, then ensure the unit is vented to the outside, alternatively use a new condensing type unit.
  • Extractor fans should be fit for purpose and achieve the minimum flow rate as specified in Approved document F of Building Regulations. Extract fans should be automatically humidistat controlled and not solely activated by a light switch.

Ventilate your home to remove moisture.

  • Utilise the trickle vents at the top of the windows, ensuring that they remain open at all times
  • Isolate the kitchen and bathroom whilst cooking and bathing, by closing the doors, even if the areas benefit from having suitable extract fans. This reduces the amount of vapour laden air which circulates to other rooms, such as bedrooms which are often much colder and more vulnerable to condensation.
  • Allow space for air to circulate in and around large items of furniture, together with confined spaces such as cupboards and wardrobes.
  • To reduce the risk of mildew on clothes and other stored items, improve air circulation by removing the false wardrobe backs or alternatively drilling breather holes in them. DO NOT overfill cupboards and wardrobes as this restricts air circulation

Provide a little more heating to your home.

  • Provide low background heating all day, even when the property’s unoccupied
  • Ensure that the existing radiators are suitably located and are the correct size for given the room. A specialist heating engineer can assist in calculating the correct BTU (British thermal unit) that is necessary for each individual room.
  • Ensure radiators are fitted with thermostatic valves; this will help control heating and costs.
  • Utilise the heating system on a regular balanced cycle, ideally maintained between 19°c -21°c, with all radiators working to all rooms during colder periods.
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What’s The Cure

To reduce the risk of condensation occurring, either the moisture content of the air must be reduced or the air temperature must be warmer, however in most cases it is good practice and necessary to do both. High moisture production in the home does need not be a problem, providing there is sufficient ventilation. Biocraft South West specialise in the control of condensation. We supply and install specially designed home ventilation systems, which have proven successful in eliminating condensation. Our range of ventilation systems are extremely low maintenance and cost effective. The unique filters also allow for 95% of dust particles to be removed which is clinically proven to help allergy and asthma suffers.

Providing a healthier living environment and preventing condensation doesn’t have to be taxing, the whole home ventilation systems are extremely low maintenance; once installed, they operate by themselves, the filters need only cleaning or replacing every 5 years and a stand-by mode allows the system to limit its functionality during the warmer months. Biocraft South West use specially designed systems to help introduce healthier living environments, installing some of the industry’s most recognised ventilation systems; we are first choice for condensation control throughout the south west.

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Biocraft South West is an established damp proofing company, with extensive knowledge in the cause of condensation and the successful control measures proven to eliminate the problem.

To arrange a survey of your property or for further information regarding condensation control methods contact us today. We cover – Andover, Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Devizes, Marlborough, Oxford, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge and Warminster.

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