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What Is Damp?

Damp is one of the most common problems affecting homes in the UK. Unresolved damp can cause severe damage to your home and seriously compromise the structural integrity of the building.

There are three main types of damp and it is important to understand the differences in order to successfully solve the problem.


Condensation is one of biggest causes of damp in the home. Condensation is formed by moisture from inside the home coming into contact with colder surfaces.

It commonly occurs during the colder months and is usually found in the corners of a room, near windows or places with little air circulation, such as behind wardrobes or beds. In time, the affected areas will then attract black mould, which will grow on surfaces.

The two contributing factors in the presence of condensation are the amount of moisture in the air and the air temperature. In order to reduce the risk of condensation occurring, the moisture content should be reduced (with adequate ventilation), or the temperature of the home should be increased. The most effective resolution would be a combination of both.

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