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Damp Proofing Bath

How do I choose between local damp proofing companies?

Damp specialist BathDamp proofing is an essential component of every building, with a variety of reasons why we would need to call on an expert. From a short, pre-purchase damp survey to advanced damp treatment when damp proofing internal walls – we recommend seeking the advice and expertise of a qualified surveyor. On the unfortunate occasion that you require damp proofing in Bath, how do you go about finding reliable a reliable and accredited professional and not just a cowboy trader?

A great place to start is the internet. Using Google, do a little research into the problems you have identified in your home. You can keep it general by searching for ‘damp walls’ or ‘damp in house’ and do a little reading into potential symptoms and causes. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the time to thoroughly research the damp proofing services provided by local businesses. Below are some top tips put together by our leading surveyors to help you find a qualified damp specialist.

Only use certified damp proofing companies

There have been thousands of reported cases where family and friends alike have hired a ‘contractor’ only to find that their lack of skills and knowledge have left homeowners in an even worse predicament than before. When considering the cost of damp proofing, if you’re quoted an unbelievably low price, it’s usually to good to be true.

When searching for a damp proofing company, we recommend using contractors who are part of a nationally recognised association for damp proofing specialists. In the UK, there is only one – the Property Care Association. With high quality written standards on the level of work that has to be produced by damp specialists, the PCA require companies to pass rigorous financial, health & safety, and insurance tests. Recognising the very best damp specialists, members of the PCA are subject to frequent quality audits and are regularly visited by the board.

Beyond recognition for quality damp proofing, you can research into other awards and specialisations that companies have acquired. This may highlight certain damp proofing companies having a breadth of knowledge and experience in other important fields of practice. This could include government endorsed awards for quality and standards, as well as other specialisations such as waterproofing.

Damp walls BathSo how can you find the best damp specialist?

This is where you need to weigh up various factors to determine your next steps. These include the aforementioned accreditations given to recognised companies, the severity of damage to your property, the amount of work your property will require (this will help determine time frames), and of course the overall cost of the project.

We recommend being able to find a damp proofing company that have years of experience in the field and are also used to working across industries (for example waterproofing and general building surveying). Not only does this give you peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands with damp proofing specialists, but should any additional problems occur, there is an increased likelihood that they will be able to help with the problem.

Damp proofing survey Bath

If you’re searching for a damp proof survey, it’s likely that you’ve discovered damp on walls in your home. It is essential that when you are searching for a damp survey that you find a company with experience and expertise in surveying and property restoration. As one of the most commonly reported issues that cause building defects in the UK. With comprehensive damp surveys carried out across South West, our damp specialists have surveyed hundreds of cases of moisture ingress and damp problems in both domestic and commercial buildings.

The widespread issues of poor surveying and misdiagnosis of damp problems have led to ineffective damp solutions and poor quality damp wall treatment. The failure to identify essential causes of damp can not only prove costly when spending money on poor quality surveys and treatments but also to further costs required to rectify the structural damage caused to walls and other parts of the building.

At Biocraft South West, you’re in safe hands. Our experienced team of qualified surveyors have carried out hundreds of comprehensive damp surveys and treated varying types of damp and moisture ingress. Our surveys start with external examinations of the property to identify any potential damage causes to brickwork, roofing or windows and doors.

Types of damp treatment

Damp treatmentThe types of damp treatment required will always depend on the results of the damp survey conducted on your property. The findings outlined in the damp survey report will allow our team of surveys and remediation team to take fast and efficient action. With types of damp ranging from rising damp and penetrating damp, to timber related moisture ingress such as wet rot.

For example, the treatment involved for rising damp first requires the need to completely eradicate the source of moisture from your property. One of the most effective and common methods of containing rising damp is by injecting a specialised chemical damp proof course into the base wall of the building. Where necessary, compromised plaster will be replaced with a damp proof, cement-based render that will hold back and future moisture and residue. This will prevent the new layer of plaster and paint from being compromised and holds back any future moisture that would otherwise be present.

The process of installing a new rising damp can be an expensive and potentially dangerous task. As one of the most effective methods to eliminating rising damp, the application of a chemical damp proof course will transform your existing wall structure into a waterproof barrier.

Condensation control

Dampness and mould around the home can often be attributed to non-damp factors from external sources. As winter creeps in, thousands of homes throughout the UK will no doubt be affected by condensation. Present in even the best built and insulated properties, high levels of condensation can lead to mould and damp on walls around the home.

More often than not, condensation control does not require the immediate attention of a damp specialist, and there are some processes you can carry out around your home to reduce the impact of condensation. With the average home generating between 10 and 20 litres of moisture every day (from cooking, bathing and even breathing), simply opening a window, using a basic ventilation system, and frequently turning on the heating can prevent moisture buildup and mould growth.

At Biocraft South West, our experts have compiled a range of tips and tasks you can carry out that will help prevent condensation in your home.

Local damp proofing companies Bath

Biocraft South West are industry-leading damp proofing specialists who provide comprehensive damp treatment for all dwellings and commercial properties in Bath. If you have found damp walls in your home or would like to book a damp survey in Bath, please contact one of our damp specialists today on 01793 272085.

Experienced in eradicating sources of rising damp and penetrating damp from your home, Biocraft South West are leading providers of basement waterproofing systems and unique timber treatments. For more information on our services, or to read up on how different types of damp can impact your home, please visit our website today.

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