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Expanding your family home doesn’t necessarily mean a loft conversion or external extension; at times these may not always prove to be possible due to planning restraints or just simply the lack of outside space. Basement conversions are becoming increasingly more popular and have been proven to be the more favourable form of expansion.

Biocraft South West are basement conversion specialists serving Bristol, Bath, Chippenham and Swindon. Pushing the envelope in basement design, we are well versed in industry standards, and can transform your basement into a brand new living space.

The key to a successful basement conversion starts with quality basement tanking which will prevent ground moisture from penetrating into the basement and causing damage. Without this, your flooring, possessions and every installation will be at the mercy of ground moisture flooding from the water table.

At Biocraft we employ a range of different waterproofing techniques to effectively seal the outer layers of the basement.

What Can I Convert My Basement Into?

Our basement conversions lend themselves to many uses and we’ve helped convert basements into a variety of living spaces such as

Bedrooms – If your family is growing and you are in need of more rooms, then converting the basement into a sub-terrain bedroom could be an ideal course of action.  

Lounges/Screening rooms – A relaxing lounge with sofas, TV and other entertainment systems is often a favourite choice of many clients as the basement presents a feeling of separation between the rest of the world making it easy to relax. Due to the great sound insulation of basement lounges, sound is easily contained so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the rest of the house or neighbours.  

Gyms – Home fitness is a growing industry and if you are dedicated to your training then having a home gym can be extremely convenient. At Biocraft, we have converted old coal cellars into fully functioning gym rooms complete with lighting and air conditioning units.  

Workshops – Carpentry workshops and other machine-based crafts are extremely well suited to basements sometimes more so that garages as the use of bandsaws, grinders and sanders can be very loud. With sound being mostly absorbed down through the floor, earth and not into the rest of the house, basement workshops are a great option.  

Offices – The peace and serenity of a basement office lends its self to huge amounts of productivity. For the UK’s estimated 2.9 million home businesses the basement is the perfect location for focusing without disruption or distraction. With an extensive range of lighting available, you can turn your basement into a well ordered and comfortable office or study space to run a business or otherwise.  

Why Invest In A Basement Extention?

As land is becoming more scarce, property owners have sought to maximise their living space on the land they own. However, gaining planning permission from local authorities for above ground extensions such as conservatories has become increasingly difficult long-winded and expensive. Basement conversions that require no structural changes are a great way to accommodate the extra living space at a cheaper rate without the need to go through lengthy planning processes.

A professional extension and addition of an extra room can raise the value of your property and provide a healthy return on investment.

Types Of Basement Conversion

At Biocraft South West we have been performing successful basement conversions across the South West for many years. What sets us apart from the rest is our adherence to the prices we quote, working to established project timelines and insisting on only using the most reputable products and skilled operatives. The result of this is high-quality basement conversions that are built to last with formidable protection against damp ingress.  

For more information on basement conversions Bristol, basement conversions Bath and basement conversions Swindon, Contact us on 01793 272085.

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